Our programs and partners

Naturopaths Without Borders- Holistic Lactation Support Workers (Haiti)


Currently Haiti has the highest rates of infant mortality and morbidity in the Western Hemisphere. There are many contributing factors as to why this is the case. One of them relates to infant feeding practices and access to skilled care in the perinatal period.


The solution: Build capacity at the local level. Invest in breastfeeding and skin to skin care, the most cost-effective public health interventions capable of saving lives. Give work. Lift up communities by facilitating change from within.


We are working toward a goal and would LOVE your support! In the summer of 2019, we plan to launch a NEW program in northern Haiti through Naturopaths Without Borders to train Haitian Holistic Lactation Support Workers (NWB- HLSWs). We need to reach our target of $20, 000 USD before we hire and train the workers to ensure that we can send the best trainers and sustain the program for at least one year. Your CE credits will get us there.


The NWB- HLSWs will work in the community and in birth centers including one of our partners Second Mile Haiti, providing prenatal lactation education, postnatal clinical support, community education on complementary feeding, and will also eventually provide in-service lactation and skin to skin trainings to their Haitian colleagues.


Lactation Training for Midwives & Health Providers (Ethiopia)


Our efforts in Ethiopia are focussed on providing capacity building lactation and skin to skin training to Ethiopian midwives, midwife instructors, and health providers who serve new parents. This bridges an educational gap present in their training curriculum and empowers them with knowledge and skills that they can bring into their communities to the families they serve.


An investment in your continuing education is an investment in the care of your patients AND an investment in the knowledge and skills of another health worker, their patients, their community, and in global health equity efforts.